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Specify a full plot domain can be difficult.  Therefore, a region file can be created to alias plot domain specifications.  This default region file is wxp.reg.  New regions can be added to this file.  Here is an example line from the file:

   us    Contiguous_US       1  39,-97,2.3

The alias is listed first, followed by a long name (all spaces must be underscores), followed by a menu toggle and finally the plot domain specification.  The menu toggle specifies whether the region is to appear in the region menu (1=yes, 0=no).  The long name is then used in the menu listing.  

This alias can now be specified as:

   -pd=us or -re=us

There are preset regions which can be modified by editing the wxp.reg file.

US Regions
Map of preset US regions

List of all preset regions
Alias Long Name Plot Domain
us Contiguous_US 39,-97,2.3
ne New_England 42,-76,.9
at Atlantic 37,82,.9
se Southeast 31,-88,1.1
mw Midwest 43,-93,1.1
sp Southern_Plains 32.5,-100,1.2
nw Northwest 44,-112,1
sw Southwest 37,-112,1
wcan Western_Canada 55,-110,1.3
ecan Eastern_Canada 53,-75,1.3
ncan Northern_Canada 70,-100,1.5
hi Hawaii 21,-157,.6
ak Alaska 65,-140,1.5
canada Canada 65,-100,3
namer North_America 50,-100,49,33,2.2
camer Central_America me,15,-90,3
samer South_America -30,-60,4
europe Europe 50,10,3
easia East_Asia 30,110,3
nasia North_Asia 61,120,3
wasia West_Asia 52,60,3
seasia Southeast_Asia me,15,100,3
nafr North_Africa me,20,10,3
safr South_Africa me,-20,25,3
meast Middle_East me,30,45,3
aust Australia -25,135,3
wpac West_Pacific me,20,160,5
antarc Antarctica -90,0,3
nhem North_Hemisphere 90,-90,25,25,8
shem South_Hemisphere -90,-90,25,25,8
globe Global ll,0,0,73,37,5,5
goese GOES_East sat:0.000:-75.000:::,26.529,-68.983,640,427,0.1544,0.1361
goesw GOES_West sat:0.000:-135.000:::,27.745,-134.868,640,427,0.1544,0.1362

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