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Exit Values

When a program terminates and returns to the WXP shell or operating system shell, it will return a value resolvable by the shell called an exit value that can resolve whether the program ran successfully or not. If an error occurred, the exit value will explain, to a certain degree, the type of error so that a shell script can handle the error and perform any error recovery.  The following is a list of possible exit values.

Name Value Description
WNOERR 0 No error, program ran successfully
WEMISC 1 Miscellaneous error
WNORUN 2 Unable to run a specified program
WNOMEM 3 Not enough memory to dynamically allocate an array
WNOGKS 4 Unable to produce graphics
WNOLINE 5 Ingest communications port not responding
WNOBATCH 8 Could not run in batch mode
WNOINIT 9 Could not initialize program parameters
WNOINPF 10 Input data file not found
WNODATF 11 Database file not found
WNOOUTF 12 Unable to create output file
WNOTMPF 13 Unable to create temporary data file
WNOIPC 14 Unable to create or use IPC
WNOINP 15 No input data
WNODATA 30 No pertinent data found in data file
WNOSTA 31 Station identifier was not found in data file
WIGRID 52 Incompatible grid files

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Last updated by Dan Vietor on June 1, 1998