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Resource: output

Resource output
Command Line -ou=output
Environment Variable wxpout
Default Value program specific

The output resource is a program specific output setting and describes what kind of output, usually textual, the program will produce.

Output File Format

Specifies the type of output file to create:

  • wxp - WXP ASCII file format
  • cdf - NetCDF file format

Synoptic Conversion

Specifies which type of synoptic data to save:

  • all - all synoptic reports
  • land - all land based reports
  • cman - CMAN station
  • buoy - stationary buoy
  • ship - ship report
  • dribu - drifting buoy

WXP City

  • Name - the long name of the city,county,etc
  • Lat - the latitude of the place
  • Lon - the longitude of the place
  • ID - the 4 letter ID of the station (cities only)
  • WMO - the 5 digit WMO number of the station (cities only)
  • ST - the 2 letter abbreviation of the state
  • CN - the 2 letter abbreviation of the country (dbase only)
  • P - the priority of the station (dbase only)
  • Fip - the FIPs county number of the place
  • Zn - the forecast zone number of the place
  • ZWFO - the WFO responsible for zone forecasts
  • SWFO - the WFO responsible for state forecasts
  • WWFO - the WFO responsible for warnings
  • WFOs - all possible WFOs (states only)
  • Elev - the elevation
  • Pop - the population (county only)
  • Size - the size of the place (county only)
  • all - all possible data for a place

For further information about WXP, email technical-support@weather.unisys.com
Last updated by Dan Vietor on July 30, 1998