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Resource: input

Resource input
Command Line -in=input
Environment Variable wxpin
Default Value program specific

The input resource is a program specific input setting and describes what kind of input the program will use.

Specifies Input File Type

Light Program (Lightning Data)

  • albany - Albany lightning format
  • unisys - Unisys lightning format

Rad Program (Radar Data)

  • mdr - MDR radar data from converted file (Default). Name convention set to  rad_cvt.
  • rcm - RCM radar summary data from converted file. Name convention set to rcm_cvt
  • rcmsite - RCM site radar data from ingested RCM file. Name convention set to rcm_dat
  • raw - Raw MDR data from ingested radar file Name convention set to   rad_dat.
  • nids - NIDS data input and Unisys radar composite Name convention set to  nids.
  • nowrad - NOWRad composite plot  Name convention set to  nowrad.
  • rrwds - Old RRWDS files  Name convention set to  rrwds.

Xsat Program (Satellite Data)

  • area - AREA file
  • img - WXP image file. Name convention set to sat_img.
  • awip - NOAAPORT image file
  • unisat - Unisys image file

Wxpcity Program

  • city - the cities.raw file
  • cnty - the counties.raw file
  • zone - the zones.raw file
  • state - the states.raw file
  • dbase - the sao.cty city database file
  • input - a specific raw file

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Last updated by Dan Vietor on July 30, 1998