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moist - Standard atmosphere computation program


moist [parameters] [value]


Command Line Resource Default Description
-h help No Lists basic help information.
-df=filename default .wxpdef Sets the name of the resource file.
-na=name name moist Specifies the name used in resource file parsing.
-ba batch No Run program in batch mode
-me=level message out2 Specifies level of messages to be displayed
  • output values - print
-pa=parameter parameter none Specifies additional parameters.
value none
User prompt
Specifies the input temperature in C
Specifies the input dewpoint in C
Specifies the input surface pressure in mb
Specifies the input station height in m.


The moisture variable calculation program derives various moisture variables given three of the following four variables: temp,dewpoint,pressure,height. If the station pressure is not known, it is determined from a standard atmosphere reduction using height. If any of the four variables temp,dewpoint,pressure,height are not specified on the command line, the user is prompted for the appropriate information. The resulting information displayed includes wetbulb temperature, vapor pressure, saturation vapor pressure, relative humidity, specific humidity, mixing ratio, saturation mixing ratio and equivalent potential temperature.

Temperature =                         30.00 C
Dewpoint =                            20.00 C
Station pressure =                  1000.00 mb
Wet bulb temperature =                22.87 C
Vapor pressure =                      23.36 mb
Saturation vapor pressure =           42.40 mb
Relative humidity =                   55.08 percent
Specific humidity =                   14.53 grams H20 /kg air
Mixing ratio =                        14.88 grams H2O /kg dry air
Saturation mixing ratio =             27.54 grams H2O /kg dry air
Equivalent potential temperature =   347.25 K

NOTE: Fahrenheit temperatures may be entered at the temperature and dewpoint prompts by adding 1000 to the temperature to be entered.



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Last updated by Dan Vietor on Aug 30, 1997