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Parse Lookup File (parse.lup)

For most WXP program, they can find data files by use of the name convention tag.   For parsing, there is an additional method that simplifies the process.  When the parse program parses for a WMO header, it searches the parse lookup file "parse.lup" to cross reference headers to name convention tags.  This eliminates the need to specify the in_file file name tag. 


The syntax of the file is:

   pattern      tag


  • pattern -- The pattern to match against the requested WMO header.  This can be a regular expression. 
  • tag -- The file name convention tag to use in determining the file to parse.   The lookup search returns the tag of the first match in the file.  That name convention is used to setup the filenames to search for the desired product. 


Here is a sample parse lookup file:

FO      mos_dat
FT      term_dat
W       sev_dat
F       for_dat
C       cli_dat
S       sfc_dat
UA      pirep_dat
UB      pirep_dat
UD      pirep_dat
U       upa_dat
AC      sev_dat
A       sum_dat
FO      mos_dat 

In this case, all products whose WMO header starts with "W" will be searched for in the files with the tag "sev_dat". 


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Last updated by Dan Vietor on August 11, 1998