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Model Lookup File (model.lup)

For gridded data from the forecast models, information is broadcast on a set of grids.   Often these grids are saved into output files based on the model and grid type.   In some cases, several types of grids are broadcast from a single model.  For example, the Eta model has grids that cover the US (211), Alaska (207).  In other cases, the grid is broken into subgrids, as is the case with the aviation model.  The global grids are broken up into 8 subgrids which must be pieced together to produce the final global grid.  In addition, there needs to be a mapping between model type (model resource) and the file name tags.  The "model.lup" file serves these purposes. 


The syntax of the model lookup file is:

   model    geometry   tag[#grid][,tag[#grid]...]


  • model -- The name of the model used in the model resource (-mo=eta). 
  • geometry -- The geometry of the grids to be pieced together.  If geometry is "1", only one grid is used.  If multiple grids are pieced together, this listed the way they are pieced together.  For example, "4x2" means that 8 grids will be pieced together with 4 per row and 2 rows.  The grids are pieced together from left to right and top to bottom.


  • tag -- The file name convention tag to be used in constructing the file name to use.  More than one tag can be listed if the grids are to be pieced together (see geometry).
  • grid -- The grid number from the GRIB file (PDB Octet 7).  This is used to get specific grids from a file containing more than one grid type.

For more information, see the forecast model files section of the Users Guide.


Here are some examples:

eta       1   grib_eta

The Eta model grids would be placed in a single file by the ingestor.  The model would be specified using "-mo=eta" and the grids would be searched for in a file with the "grid_eta" naming convention (see the name convention file).

eta       1   grib_eta#211
eta_ak    1   grib_eta#207

This would be used if more than one grid type was saved into a specific file by the ingestor.  If the model is "eta", then only the 211 grids from the file would be used.  If the model is "eta_ak", then the 207 grids would be used.

avn       4x2 grib_avn_n1w,grib_avn_n0w,grib_avn_n0e,grib_avn_n1e,grib_avn_s1w,grib_avn_s0w,grib_avn_s0e,grib_avn_s1e

This would specify that the avn model grids are actually pieced together from 8 separate grids.  The geometry is 4x2 and the grids are extracted from files with naming conventions of grib_avn_n1w, and grib_avn_n0w, etc.  Since the piecing process can take time, smaller sub grids can be used:

avn_nae   3x1 grib_avn_n1w,grib_avn_n0w,grib_avn_n0e

This will only piece together 3 grids from the northern hemisphere rather than piecing together 8. This is useful for AVN plots over North America.

An example of the model.lup file:

eta       1   grib_eta
eta_ak    1   grib_etak
meta      1   grib_meta
ngm       1   grib_ngm
avn_us    1   grib_avn_us
avn_na    1   grib_avn_na
avn_nh    1   grib_avn_nh
avn       4x2 grib_avn_n1w,grib_avn_n0w,grib_avn_n0e,grib_avn_n1e,grib_avn_s1w,grib_avn_s0w,grib_avn_s0e,grib_avn_s1e
avn_nhem  4x1 grib_avn_n1w,grib_avn_n0w,grib_avn_n0e,grib_avn_n1e
avn_shem  4x1 grib_avn_s1w,grib_avn_s0w,grib_avn_s0e,grib_avn_s1e
avn_whem  2x2 grib_avn_n1w,grib_avn_n0w,grib_avn_s1w,grib_avn_s0w
avn_ehem  2x2 grib_avn_n0e,grib_avn_n1e,grib_avn_s0e,grib_avn_s1e
avn_nae   3x1 grib_avn_n1w,grib_avn_n0w,grib_avn_n0e
avn_asia  2x1 grib_avn_n0e,grib_avn_n1e
avn_eur   3x1 grib_avn_n0w,grib_avn_n0e,grib_avn_n1e
avn_sam   2x1 grib_avn_s0w,grib_avn_s0e
mrf       1x2 grib_mrf_nh,grib_mrf_sh
mrf_us    1   grib_mrf_us
mrf_nh    1   grib_mrf_nh
mrf_hi    1   grib_mrf_hi
mrf_nhem  1   grib_mrf_nh
mrf_shem  1   grib_mrf_sh
ruc       1   grib_ruc
ecmwf     4x2 grib_ecmwf#4,grib_ecmwf#3,grib_ecmwf#2,grib_ecmwf#1,grib_ecmwf#12,grib_ecmwf#11,grib_ecmwf#10,grib_ecmwf#9
ecmwf_nh  4x1 grib_ecmwf#4,grib_ecmwf#3,grib_ecmwf#2,grib_ecmwf#1
ecmwf_tr  4x1 grib_ecmwf#8,grib_ecmwf#7,grib_ecmwf#6,grib_ecmwf#5
ecmwf_sh  4x1 grib_ecmwf#12,grib_ecmwf#11,grib_ecmwf#10,grib_ecmwf#9
sst       2x2 grib_sst#61,grib_sst#62,grib_sst#63,grib_sst#64
sst5      2x2 grib_sst#21,grib_sst#22,grib_sst#23,grib_sst#24
sst1      4x2 grib_sst#37,grib_sst#38,grib_sst#39,grib_sst#40,grib_sst#41,grib_sst#42,grib_sst#43,grib_sst#44


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