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Unisys Weather providing enterprise wide technology and services to exceed your weather application requirements, provide world class reliability, and innovative flexibility to meet the ever changing needs of the weather community.


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The Weather Enterprise is undergoing a major transformation in the way information is created and used for everyday business decisions, as well as the protection of life and property. New technology, driven by mobile and consumer based applications, combined with new observation platforms and increased computing power and storage are spearheading innovation and delivering vast capabilities in the market.

Unisys is a global leader in developing and delivering high performance, low cost systems which provide robust, secure and reliable data transaction and processing services. Unisys is also a leading provider of operational weather data and information services for the weather enterprise. To that end, we have combined forces to develop the next generation weather enterprise platform configured specifically for high bandwidth, multicore processing applications that require no downtime. In addition, we have made it easier to transition applications from proprietary architectures to an x86 platform while preserving the robustness, security, and scalability of a proprietary processor.

Introducing the Unisys “All in One” software based weather platform designed to reduce server space, streamline operations, consolidate server and networking management, and provide a flexible and scalable system for enterprise scale weather environments.

Powered by Unisys ClearPath ForwardTM, this platform provides the agility, security, reliability, and scalability seen on typical “big iron” hardware application deployments, and without the resource dependency seen by typical virtualization platforms.

Unisys Weather has demonstrated success in deploying and migrating mission critical weather applications to the ClearPath ForwardTM environment, while lowering costs and optimizing management of all components of the system.

For more information, please download the whitepaper and market overview.