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Weather Services and Solutions

Smooth Operations, Weather or Not!
How many times has the weather thrown a curve ball at your business?

If the weather affects your organization and its customers, then the more information you can gather about changing weather conditions -- with as much accuracy and advanced warning as possible -- the better you're able to manage your operations.

Weather is no longer the unpredictable business variable. With advanced, powerful technology, you can anticipate changes in the weather and keep one step ahead of Mother Nature.

With Unisys Data and Display solutions, your employees can access real-time weather information from easy-to-use desktop workstations. Using NEXRAD radar, satellite, weather charts and reports, and much more, Unisys Weather solutions give your employees the tools to take advantage of the weather rather than falling victim to it.

Weather Solutions


Weather is no longer the unpredictable business variable.


Hurricane Andrew

Now your employees can access real-time weather information -- straight from their desktops.
...and more than 5000 organizations worldwide are doing just that!

Unisys weather solutions also allow you to customize weather displays to meet your needs. Graphical readouts can be configured to show meteorological patterns in entire countries, specific regions, and even down to your local area. And if your business is affected more by wind speeds than by barometric pressure, Unisys can design the system to meet those needs by focusing on the factors that are most important to you. What's more, data can be delivered using dial-up, land lines, satellite, and the Internet - you choose the delivery channel most appropriate to your business.

More than 5,000 organizations around the world -- from aviation, television, and agriculture to radio, recreation, and government -- are using the Unisys Data and Display solution to monitor weather conditions. Don't let weather catch your business off guard - Unisys weather solutions may be the answer you're looking for!

The Unisys series of weather systems --

might not be able to tame the weather beast, but they can give you a full picture of the weather and how it will affect your business.

For more information about these and other weather solutions, e-mail sales-support@weather.unisys.com


We may not be able to tame the weather, but we can help to minimize its effect on your business.