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Visible Water Vapor - Hemisphere Current

Visible Water Vapor - Hemisphere Current
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Due to the differences in scanning strategy between GOES-West (GOES-15) and GOES-East (GOES-16), we are unable to provide a complete hemispheric view. NOAA removed the Super National Composites from NOAAPort which were previously used to make this image. We will restore the full view when GOES-S is launched. The water vapor image show an infrared band which is affected strongly by the presence of water vapor. Essentially, the image shows the altitude of the highest moist layer in the atmosphere. Bright areas reflect the location of high clouds either due to jet stream cloudiness or due to thunderstorm activity. The dark areas reflect the location of dry air at high altitudes. This is associated with dry air intrusion and sinking motion associated with high pressure systems. This image is a decent tracer of jet stream winds which will show up as bright streaks.