Software & Systems Engineering

Unisys develops custom solutions by working with customers to deliver fully functional and flexible products.

Unisys Weather manages a world class data center with emphasis on redundancy, accuracy and reliability. We provide system and software engineering geared specifically toward the weather enterprise through decades of experience building managed solutions for NOAA, FAA, and industry partners. Unisys Weather develops custom solutions by working collaboratively with customers to deliver fully functional and flexible products and services. 

In the next several years, weather data will continue to undergo a transformation with new remote sensors, higher resolution models, new and expanded in-situ sensor networks, and the integration of “non-traditional” weather information from vehicles, surveillance cameras, and social networks. Unisys provides scalable and flexible solutions that will allow clients to take advantage of these new data sources and systems, to further optimize clients' operations. Unisys Weather ingests data and products from NOAA/NWS and other sources, through redundant communications networks ensuring over 99.9% uptime while providing efficient delivery of these products. Tailored solutions include the development, testing, deployment and maintenance of unique data products and formats. Unisys Weather employs open source technology as much as possible, to reduce operations cost and reliance on proprietary software or licenses. For example, Unisys Weather makes use of Unidata’s Local Data Manager (LDM) to provide publication and subscription services to users, a model now being implemented across NOAA’s National Weather Service Dissemination portfolio.