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Unisys NOAAPORT Gateway

• System architecture designed and built for real-time and very highly reliable delivery of weather information
• System tested for the future three-fold increase in data bandwidth requirements
• Weather industry standard communication protocols and data formats
• Added commercial weather products available to weather information consumers
• Delivering essential weather data and information at less cost

The Unisys NOAAPORT Gateway system is a fully integrated system that is configurable to receive the NWS NOAAPORT broadcast data stream, to receive the Unisys Weather data stream (satellite or landline), or receive both the NOAAPORT and the Unisys Weather data streams through diverse communication paths. The Unisys NOAAPORT Gateway is built, tested, and shipped from our Malvern, Pennsylvania based Weather Data Center and provided as a turn-key system fully capable to receive the 30 Mbps NWS broadcast. The system is built on an Intel platform using CENTOS or Red Hat 5 as the Linux operating system, and supports up to 32 simultaneous users. Users connect using TCP/IP choosing between three protocols: LDM, Unisys WXP, or Unisys GWIP.

Each NOAAPORT Gateway is configured based on the customer’s needs. Users may elect to receive the NOAAPORT only, requiring hardware and associated cabling to an external satellite receive station. Users acquiring the full NOAAPORT Gateway including the Unisys WeatherMAX data stream will have an option to connect to the Weather Data Center via landline. The landline option provides a redundant connection with automatic failover capability if landline service is degraded or interrupted.

The Unisys NOAAPORT Gateway ingest and processing functions are fully configurable to allow users to select products based on their needs. Alerts can be generated using Product Arrival Notification (PAN) messages, allowing users’ systems to process high priority products such as NWS advisories or warnings.

Commercial weather products, such as Unisys weather radar mosaics and VAR lightning data, are also available via the Unisys WeatherMAX data stream.

For enterprise missions, Unisys delivers weather information at less cost than customers building and maintaining their own services to receive information directly from the NWS and/or other sources of weather information. Unisys monitors the services and provides 24×7 support to assure high reliability of weather information delivery.

For additional information including technical characteristics and system documentation, please visit http://weather.unisys.com/noaaport/ or call Unisys at 800-610-9473, 9am – 5pm EDT or e-mail sales-support@weather.unisys.com

GOES-15 (GOES-West) Outage

The National Weather Service announced that it was experiencing a GOES-15 outage as of 20:45 UTC on March 21, 2012. They have been attempting to recover the satellite since that time, and the recovery operation is ongoing. The current ETA for resumption of service is no earlier that 16:00 UTC on March 23, 2012.

NOAA has switched NOAAPORT processing to GOES-East. Therefore, until the recovery of GOES-West, all NOAAPORT satellite images (with the exception of Hawaii) will be made using GOES-East data, every 30 minutes.

For more information about the outage and a list of the products affected, please see the following link: