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NOAAPort SBN Product Outage – 11/4/13

UPDATE 11/4/13, 18:30 UTC: Due to this morning’s NOAAPort product outage, some of the 12Z model runs on Unisys Weather are showing blank images. We are currently going through the images and manually running the programs in order to correct the “blank” plots. Note: Customers subscribed to Unisys Weather Services are not affected by the NOAAPort product outage, as our OpsNet direct connection with the NWS Telecommunications Gateway was not affected.


UPDATE 11/4/13, 16:45 UTC: The NWS has switched the NOAAPort SBN uplink ( http://weather.noaa.gov/tgstatus/ ). Products have re-started on the NOAAPort service as of 16:30 UTC.


Unisys Weather Operations has detected an outage of the products on the NWS NOAAPort broadcast starting at 11:00am EST (16:00 UTC) on Monday, November 4, 2013. Unisys has been in contact with the NWS Network Control Facility (NCF) and is awaiting an update. This outage does not affect customers using the Unisys NOAAPort 5th channel.