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Missing ECMWF Model Products

The ECMWF has made a change as of 12/1 in which they are no longer distributing the 2.5 degree model products to NOAAPort. Therefore, Unisys is no longer receiving theECMWF grids to make the forecast images. Unisys is working with NOAA and other partners to have the current set of higher resolution ECMWF products (0.5 degree) published on NOAAPort, and Unisys is working to set up FTP transfer of these products.

HRRR Model Now Available on NOAAPort

Unisys NOAAPort and NOAAPort Gateway users who receive the NWS satellite broadcast now have access to the High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) model, being broadcast over the NWS NOAAPort network.


Developed over the last five years by researchers at NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory, the HRRR is a NOAA research to operations success story. It provides forecasters more detailed, short-term information about a quickly developing small-scale storm by combining higher detail, more frequent radar input and an advanced representation of clouds and winds. The HRRR model forecasts are run in high-resolution every hour using the most recent observations with forecasts extending out 15 hours, allowing forecasters to better monitor rapidly developing and evolving localized storms.


For more information, go to NOAA’s Press Release or NWS’ Technical Bulletin. For Unisys customers with annual maintenance support, you can contact Unisys Operations for help with modifying your ingest.bul file to receive the new model.

10 Day GFS Now Available for Global Regions

Unisys has restored the 10-day GFS maps for Europe, South America, Australia, and East Asia. These maps restore the original 10-day forecast maps, and the “9 panel” GFS overview. Users may notice the GFS maps for days 8.5 through 10 will have a lower resolution of the plotted variables. This is due to the change in resolution to the GFS model after the 192 hour forecast.

Changes to Global Coverage of GFS Model

Due to the removal of the legacy GRFx/MRF model grids from the NWS NOAAPort satellite broadcast, Unisys has made changes to several of the international GFS model plots. The operational GFS received via NOAAPort is provided as a 240 hour (10 day) forecast for the CONUS region. We have created a new 9-panel (10 day forecast) plot for the standard model fields, using the operational GFS: http://weather.unisys.com/gfs/gfs.php?inv=0&plot=pres&region=us&t=9p . The Europe, South America, East Asia, and Australia domains are now limited to a 72 hour (3 day) forecast only. New plots will be generated to display the 3 day forecasts for these regions. Users seeking GFS global model data past 3 days should inquire with Unisys Sales.