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Unisys NOAAPORT Gateway: Open Communications

Mission critical systems not only need to effectively ingest and process data and products, but also need ways of quickly distributing those products to users.

Each Unisys NOAAPORT Gateway is packaged with software that supports up to 32 end users through separate TCP/IP socket connections. Each system is configurable to send the data and products through one of three formats: WXP (Unisys Weather Processor), LDM (Unidata’s Local Data Manager), and GWIP (Unisys Weather Server).

Users connected to the NOAAPORT Gateway can be configured to receive any of the three formats, from any NOAAPORT or Unisys channel, separately from each other. This allows for custom configurations for each user, ensuring they receive only the products they request. In addition, Product Arrival Notifications (PAN) messages can be set up to alert users for specific sets of products, such as NWS generated watches, warnings, or advisories.

For additional information including technical characteristics and system documentation, please visit http://weather.unisys.com/noaaport/ or call Unisys at 800-610-9473, 9am – 5pm EDT or e-mail sales-support@weather.unisys.com