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Global GFS Issue

Due to NOAA’s recent upgrade of the global GFS model made on July 19 (http://www.nws.noaa.gov/os/notification/scn17-67gfsupgradeaab.htm), the Unisys EU, EA, SA, and AUS plots have not been updating. Unisys is investigating and will have these plots updated starting Monday, July 24.

1000-500mb Thickness Maps and Model Contours

Unisys weather is investigating issues with both the 1000-500mb upper air thickness from the 00Z and 12Z soundings, as well as the color contours on the NAM and GFS SLP/Precip maps.


The issue with the upper air sounding contours may be due to a bad observation near Mexico City being ingested into the system, causing the mapping/contouring functionality to key in on this bad value.

10 Day GFS Now Available for Global Regions

Unisys has restored the 10-day GFS maps for Europe, South America, Australia, and East Asia. These maps restore the original 10-day forecast maps, and the “9 panel” GFS overview. Users may notice the GFS maps for days 8.5 through 10 will have a lower resolution of the plotted variables. This is due to the change in resolution to the GFS model after the 192 hour forecast.

Changes to Global Coverage of GFS Model

Due to the removal of the legacy GRFx/MRF model grids from the NWS NOAAPort satellite broadcast, Unisys has made changes to several of the international GFS model plots. The operational GFS received via NOAAPort is provided as a 240 hour (10 day) forecast for the CONUS region. We have created a new 9-panel (10 day forecast) plot for the standard model fields, using the operational GFS: http://weather.unisys.com/gfs/gfs.php?inv=0&plot=pres&region=us&t=9p . The Europe, South America, East Asia, and Australia domains are now limited to a 72 hour (3 day) forecast only. New plots will be generated to display the 3 day forecasts for these regions. Users seeking GFS global model data past 3 days should inquire with Unisys Sales.

GFSx/MRF Model Removed by NWS

As of 4/16/13, the NWS is no longer transmitting the GFSx/MRF model. Unisys Weather has updated the GFS/AVN model pages to include forecasts out to 10 days, including a new 9-panel image. Any user of the website that has hard links to the GFSx/MRF images will need to switch to the similar GFS/AVN images.

The direct link to the Unisys Weather GFS/AVN page is: