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Unisys Weather wins NOAA/NCEP Radar Mosaic Services Recompete

Unisys Weather recently won the competitive recompete for the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) Radar Mosaic Data Delivery Services contract. This win will secure Unisys as the contractor responsible for delivering mission critical data and products to NOAA’s National Centers for over 20 years (Unisys began delivery in 1996). This work includes providing Unisys’ patented radar mosaic products and single site NEXRAD level III products to the National Weather Service’s Aviation Weather, Storm Prediction, Weather Prediction, and Hurricane Centers across the country. Unisys does this via combined satellite and internet distribution system, enhancing reliability and redundancy. Unisys provides radar mosaic products generated from all NWS NEXRAD doppler radars and FAA’s Terminal Doppler Weather Radars (TDWR) with complex algorithms to remove “non-weather” data and only provide critical data to the forecasters at each Center.

Unisys Weather Hosts Girl Scouts in FIRST LEGO League Challenge

Mark Logan showing radar

Unisys' Mark Logan is demonstrating the use of Doppler radar in the detection of tornadoes.

On Sunday, November 17, 2013, Unisys Weather in Malvern, PA hosted a group of Girl Scouts competing in the FIRST LEGO League 2013 Nature’s Fury Challenge. The scouts were interested in how Doppler weather radar is used to detect and track tornadoes, and how this information is sent to the public. Unisys senior product engineer Mark Logan and weather program manager Brian Hughes displayed radar images generated by Unisys showing the powerful tornadoes that struck Moore and El Reno, OK in early 2013. In addition, the scouts were able to see “live” imagery of a tornado outbreak over Illinois and Kentucky.