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Unisys Weather wins NOAA/NCEP Radar Mosaic Services Recompete

Unisys Weather recently won the competitive recompete for the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) Radar Mosaic Data Delivery Services contract. This win will secure Unisys as the contractor responsible for delivering mission critical data and products to NOAA’s National Centers for over 20 years (Unisys began delivery in 1996). This work includes providing Unisys’ patented radar mosaic products and single site NEXRAD level III products to the National Weather Service’s Aviation Weather, Storm Prediction, Weather Prediction, and Hurricane Centers across the country. Unisys does this via combined satellite and internet distribution system, enhancing reliability and redundancy. Unisys provides radar mosaic products generated from all NWS NEXRAD doppler radars and FAA’s Terminal Doppler Weather Radars (TDWR) with complex algorithms to remove “non-weather” data and only provide critical data to the forecasters at each Center.

Come see Unisys Weather at Millersville University’s Weather Day!

On Saturday April 2, Unisys Weather will be one of many vendors at Millersville University’s Public Weather Awareness Day (http://www.muweatherday.com/), from 11am to 3pm at Pucillo Gym on the campus of Millersville University. Come see how Unisys transforms weather radar data into products used by FAA, NOAA, and many other companies! Also, learn more about IT Service Management and how Unisys enables global companies to enhance their IT platforms. Talk to a meteorologist from Unisys Weather and ask about how computers have transformed the science of analyzing and predicting the weather. Bring the family for fun filled activities related to weather and meet meteorologists from other local PA entities such as AccuWeather, Weather Trends International, and WGAL News 8.

Unisys Weather at the 96th Annual AMS Meeting


Unisys Weather manages a world class data center with emphasis on redundancy, accuracy and reliability. We provide system and software engineering geared specifically toward the weather enterprise through decades of experience building managed solutions for NOAA, FAA, and industry partners. Unisys Weather develops custom solutions by working collaboratively with customers to deliver fully functional and flexible products and services.​​​


The American Meteorological Society (AMS) annual meeting is the largest gathering of scientists, researchers, educators, decision makers and innovators spanning the “weather enterprise”. Unisys is proud to be a corporate member and a market leader in private sector weather information, technology, and services.


In the next several years, weather data will continue to undergo a transformation with new remote sensors, higher resolution models, new and expanded in-situ sensor networks, and the integration of “non-traditional” weather information from vehicles, surveillance cameras, and social networks. Unisys provides scalable and flexible solutions for customers to take advantage of these new data sources and systems, to further optimize your mission critical operations. Tailored solutions include the development, testing, deployment and maintenance of unique data products and formats.


Unisys Weather will be introducing new technology and services at the 2016 AMS Annual Meeting including an all new software defined weather data center powered by Unisys ClearPath Forward, Unisys NOAAPort as a Service, new Unisys weather radar mosaics, and interactive web mapping and tiling services designed for browsers and mobile applications.​


Visit Unisys at booth 720 in the main exhibit hall to learn more.

Unisys Providing Weather Data to SimuAWIPS

Unisys Weather is now working with SimuAWIPS to provide operational weather data and products for the SimuAWIPS Software as a Service (SaaS) application. SimuAWIPS is a web browser based application which provides an Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS) simulated console for meteorologists and weather enthusiasts. Unisys Weather, a leading provider of operational weather information, is providing NWS NOAAPort products for ingest and display in SimuAWIPS.


For more information, visit SimuAWIPS for a tour and a free trial.

Retirement of RCM Radar Images – May 29, 2015

Unisys Weather will be retiring the 10km RCM Radar regional and national mosaics from online production on or about May 29, 2015. The Radar Coded Message (RCM) imagery is a legacy product developed for the old NWS WEFAX/DIFAX service. This product will be retired in favor of the High-Res National Reflectivity Mosaics.