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Issues with GFS 10 day Maps

We are aware that some of the images in the 10-day GFS maps as well as the individual time panels are showing no data or partial data. We are working with NWS to resolve an issue with the NWS server we are using to pull the source GFS model.

GOES-R Data and Products at Unisys

GOES-R is NOAA’s latest geostationary weather satellite and it set to launch on Saturday, November 19th at 5:42 EST. Upon successful launch and checkout, GOES-R will be placed at 89.5 degrees West. GOES-R will provide a major increase in spectral, spatial, and temporal resolution in satellite imagery as well as the first Geostationary Lightning Mapper (GLM). Unisys will be a vendor for GOES-R data and products. If your company is interested in obtaining GOES-R data or products to support your operations, please contact sales-support (-at-) weather.unisys.com for additional information.

Issues with GFS and other plots

Update 12:30pm EDT/1630 UTC: We have found the issue with the graphics not plotting correctly for the GFS and other plots/contours. Hourly plots should be working now. GFS and other model plots will update at around 1800 UTC.

Unisys Weather is aware of the issues with missing and/or incomplete GFS and other plots on the website. We are actively working the issue.

NOAAPort and NWS Data Issue

Unisys Weather has detected a loss of NOAAPort products as well as other NWS feeds as of 10:48 am EDT (14:48 UTC). This seems to be affecting NOAAPort, OpsNet, IDP, and NWS web services. We have called this into the NWSTG.

Unisys Weather wins NOAA/NCEP Radar Mosaic Services Recompete

Unisys Weather recently won the competitive recompete for the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) Radar Mosaic Data Delivery Services contract. This win will secure Unisys as the contractor responsible for delivering mission critical data and products to NOAA’s National Centers for over 20 years (Unisys began delivery in 1996). This work includes providing Unisys’ patented radar mosaic products and single site NEXRAD level III products to the National Weather Service’s Aviation Weather, Storm Prediction, Weather Prediction, and Hurricane Centers across the country. Unisys does this via combined satellite and internet distribution system, enhancing reliability and redundancy. Unisys provides radar mosaic products generated from all NWS NEXRAD doppler radars and FAA’s Terminal Doppler Weather Radars (TDWR) with complex algorithms to remove “non-weather” data and only provide critical data to the forecasters at each Center.