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Unisys Weather Enthusiast App Updates

Unisys has temporarily pulled the Unisys Weather Enthusiast App from the iOS App Store to perform an update. The current app is not compatible with iOS8 and above, and we want to use this time to update several links that have broken due to updates to Unisys Weather.

An alternative option in iOS8 and above is to create an app bookmark from Safari. To do this, simply use Safari to navigate to Unisys Weather main site or your favorite Unisys Weather product:

Select the “Share To” button at the bottom bar, center.

Select “Add to Home Screen” to set the app bookmark to your iOS home screen. You can create as many app bookmarks as you want. If you choose to bookmark an individual image or loop instead of the web page, be sure to include a descriptive title such as “Unisys Vis Satellite Image”.