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Changes to Global Coverage of GFS Model

Due to the removal of the legacy GRFx/MRF model grids from the NWS NOAAPort satellite broadcast, Unisys has made changes to several of the international GFS model plots. The operational GFS received via NOAAPort is provided as a 240 hour (10 day) forecast for the CONUS region. We have created a new 9-panel (10 day forecast) plot for the standard model fields, using the operational GFS: http://weather.unisys.com/gfs/gfs.php?inv=0&plot=pres&region=us&t=9p . The Europe, South America, East Asia, and Australia domains are now limited to a 72 hour (3 day) forecast only. New plots will be generated to display the 3 day forecasts for these regions. Users seeking GFS global model data past 3 days should inquire with Unisys Sales.