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Spring 2013 Satellite Sun Eclipse Schedule

Users of Unisys C-Band satellite service may experience short duration outages starting the week of 3/3/2013, these interruptions are caused by the sun coming directly in line of sight to the SES-1 satellite.

The Unisys NOAAPort receive station in Malvern, PA may experience very short RF interruptions between 3/3/2013 and 3/5/2013 at around 19:06 UTC and lasting for three minutes. We have set up a backup NOAAPort feed for our customers receiving NWS Family of Services (FOS) through LDM. Customers receiving NOAAPort model grids or satellite imagery may experience a brief interruption.

NOAA GOES Satellite Eclipse Season: NOAA has published the Spring 2013 GOES Eclipse Schedules. These scheduled can be found at: http://www.ospo.noaa.gov/Operations/GOES/eclipse.html Note that with the current generation of GOES satellites (GOES N-P), eclipse season has been greatly reduced from previous years.