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Missing ECMWF Model Products

The ECMWF has made a change as of 12/1 in which they are no longer distributing the 2.5 degree model products to NOAAPort. Therefore, Unisys is no longer receiving theECMWF grids to make the forecast images. Unisys is working with NOAA and other partners to have the current set of higher resolution ECMWF products (0.5 degree) published on NOAAPort, and Unisys is working to set up FTP transfer of these products.

Update on NWS NOAAPort C-Band Transition: January 2018

To all Unisys NOAAPort Gateway and Unisys C-band channel users:

NOAA/NWS has announced that there will be a “dual illumination” period starting on December 5, 2017 to the cutover date of January 16, 2018 for both the current SES-1 and the new Galaxy-28 for the NOAAPort broadcast. Please see update at: http://www.nws.noaa.gov/os/notification/scn17-111sbn_noaaportaaa.htm

NOAAPort clients still requiring maintenance to repoint their antenna to Galaxy-28 can contact Unisys Weather at: technical-support@weather.unisys.com

NWS NOAAPort C-Band Transition: January 2018

Today, NOAA/NWS announced on or about January 16, 2018, NOAA will be moving the NWS NOAAPort Satellite Broadcast Network (SBN) from its current broadcast on SES-1 at 101W to Intelsat’s Galaxy 28 satellite at 89W. The details of this transition including any overlap period can be found at: http://www.nws.noaa.gov/os/notification/scn17-111sbn_noaaport.htm

For those clients using Unisys NOAAPort Gateways with the Novra S-300 receiver should not require new equipment to receive the signal from Galaxy 28. However, users requiring antenna adjustment can contact Unisys Weather at 800-610-9473 or technical-support@weather.unisys.com and Unisys will provide assistance in setting up site visits for your NOAAPort antenna adjustment.

For those clients receiving the Unisys C-band channel or a combination of both NOAAPort SBN and Unisys C-band channel, we will notify you if/when Unisys transitions to Galaxy 28 or provide similar services. Unisys -may- provide landline access for Unisys C-Band channel users from our Weather Data Center or through the Amazon Web services (AWS) cloud.

Issues with Hurricane and Typhoon Tracks

Unisys is aware that we are having issues with the parsing and display of the tropical points and forecasts in all basins, as well as archived storms. We have installed an updated version of the parsing software that while fully tested, is seeing issues with changes in the bulletins. Please note that official track and forecast information is available from JTWC or NOAA

Global GFS Issue

Due to NOAA’s recent upgrade of the global GFS model made on July 19 (http://www.nws.noaa.gov/os/notification/scn17-67gfsupgradeaab.htm), the Unisys EU, EA, SA, and AUS plots have not been updating. Unisys is investigating and will have these plots updated starting Monday, July 24.