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The NAM Winter Weather plot contains 4 panels. The upper left panel is the 2m AG Temperature (F). The upper right panel is the Wind Chill Temperature (F). The lower right panel is the winter precipitation panel. The gray shading represents percentage of cloud cover (dark gray=>40%, light gray=>80%). The color contours (magenta, blue, green, etc) represent liquid equivalent precipitation. The scale is at the bottom of the plot. The white hatched areas represent where the precipitation will be primarily frozen precipitation such as snow. The yellow cross hatched areas represent where the precipitation will be freezing precipitation such as sleet or freezing rain. The light red vertical hatched areas are where precipitation is associated with thunder. The line contours represent surface (2m AG) temperature. The light blue line is +20C. The light cyan line is 0C. The dark cyan line is -20C. The lower right plot is the 3 hour snowfall in inches. The color scale is 10 times the liquid precip scale (representing the 10-1 snow to rain ratio).

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