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General Information

Image Schedule (all times EST)

Data Type Update Times
Satellite data Every hour at :50
Surface data Every hour at :25
Upper air data 2 times daily at 9:20
Radar data Every hour at :05,:35
NAM MOS data 2 times daily at 11:10
GFS MOS data 3:00 AM
NAM model data 2 times daily at 9:50
GFS model data 2 times daily at 11:50
RUC model data Every 3 hours at :45
ECMWF model data 2 times daily at 2:45
GFSX model data 3:10 AM
Hurricane data Every 3 hours
Archive data 2 times daily at 1:00

WXP (Weather Processor) Analysis Package

This provides information on the software package that is used to create all the images on this server.

About the Weather Processor
Weather Processor Online Documentation

NOAAPORT Information

This provides information on NOAAPORT data and ingest status. This is based on the WXP ingest of NOAAPORT feeds using the Unisys NOAAPORT Gateway system.

Unisys NOAAPORT Page