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Classic Hurricanes

Hurricane ANDREW (16-28 AUG 1992)

Image Track Max Winds: 135 Min Pres: 922 Category: 5
This was the the most detructive hurricane to hit the US mainland. Andrew took a beeline direction for the south Florida coast wiping out most of south Dade county including the city of Homestead. The total damage exceded $25 billion. Andrew weakened somewhat moving over Florida and continued into the Gulf heading towards Louisiana where it made final landfall west of New Orleans.

Tracking information
Image of Andrew over Bahamas (1831Z 23 AUG 92)
Image of Andrew making landfall (0931Z 24 AUG 92)
Image of Andrew off Louisiana (2031Z 25 AUG 92)
Movie of Andrew (07Z 23 - 19Z 27 SEP 92)

Hurricane HUGO (10-25 SEP 1989)

Image track Max Winds: 140 Min Pres: 918 Category: 5
This was a powerful category 5 hurricane that formed well out into the Atlantic and lasted almost 2 weeks. The storm hit the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico causing tremendous damage. It then moved out over the western Atlantic, reintensifying and hitting South Carolina causing near $7 billion in damage.

Tracking information
Image of Hugo east of Caribbean when category 5 (2001Z 15 SEP 89)
Image of Hugo over windward islands of Caribbean (1331Z 17 SEP 89)
Image of Hugo in Atlantic trying to regroup (1701Z 20 SEP 89)
Image of Hugo off South Carolina (2031Z 21 SEP 89)
Enh. IR Image of Hugo off South Carolina (0001Z 22 SEP 89)
Enh. IR Image of Hugo onshore and weakening (0731Z 22 SEP 89)

Hurricane GILBERT ( 8-20 SEP 1988)

Image track Max Winds: 160 Min Pres: 888 Category: 5
This was probably one of the strongest hurricanes ever in the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Gilbert reached a central pressure of 888 mb at 00Z on the 14th making it the lowest pressure ever recorded for an Atlantic hurricane at the time. Gilbert wreaked havok on Jamaica as it went down the entire length of the island. It then hit the Yucatan pennisula shortly after recording the lowest pressure reading. The Yucatan was spared as the eye wall weakened shortly before landfall. After moving over the Yucatan, the strength of the hurricane deminished from a category 5 to a category 3. It never did reintensify before making landfall again in northern Mexico. It did cause serious flooding in the Monterrey region of Mexico.

Tracking information
Image of Gilbert off Jamaica (2331Z 12 SEP 88)
Image of Gilbert at peak intensity (1831Z 13 SEP 88)
Image of Gilbert nearing Mexico coast (1931Z 16 SEP 88)

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